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Zoom At night I think of you
04.03.14 7
Zoom Celebrating my life today and the people who make it amazing. Thank you everyone who has shared a lil sunshine with me for the past year of my wonderful lil life #aBoodramBirthday (at New Crib)
04.02.14 11
Zoom Cut, tousled and stretched to perfection by the notorious curl doctor @shaiamiel  (at Capella Salon, LA)
03.29.14 16
Zoom A DJ who plays the entire Beyonce album?! I love this city, love my girls @dugalicious13 and Mel B. Great night, goodnight  (at The W Hotel)
03.25.14 3
Zoom On April 10 I am having an all-ladies sex talk called SMART/SUPER Sex at the YWCA Santa Monica in Los Angeles. For more info watch this video at (link in profile) (at Santa Monica YWCA)
03.24.14 3
Zoom Two peas @margarita_roze
03.21.14 10
Zoom I really can’t say just how grateful I am to @fevatv for the opportunity to experience a dream come true while realizing how close my truest dreams really are in the process. Thank you Trinidad and Tobago xo Shan (at Tobago)
03.07.14 0
Zoom Shoreline lime (at Le Grand, Tobago)
03.07.14 19
Zoom ATVing along the hillside. One of the most memorable things I’ve done (at Tobago)
03.07.14 18
Zoom Happiest woman alive (at Pigeon Point, Tobago)
03.07.14 10
Zoom No matter what (or where). It’s easy to watch my life but very challenging to love me through it. Thank God for the ability to experience a love so deep that I’m never without it
03.05.14 5
Zoom Today I leave Trinidad and head to Tobago. I need to say a massive THANK YOU to the love and good nature of everyone I came across, especially this family. I got covered in black paint during an interview and was panicking. They took me to the side and cleaned me with wet wipes. The youngest taking the care to clean under my nails. Such love I could have burst into fireworks in that moment. I will never ever forget you (at Port of Spain, TT)
03.05.14 9
Zoom Long time friends in far away places (at Port of Spain, TT)
03.05.14 10
Zoom In the spirit of @itsmyrayeraye #WIW (woman inspiration Wednesday) I’d like to highlight my childhood best friend and constant inspiration @tabiacharles  . Olympian, University of Miami honours student, Masters Graduate and now works in marketing for Coca Cola’s athletic relations department. Your sisterhood and constant support means the world to me. Even though you have MILLIONS of girlfriends because people are so naturally drawn to you, thank you for continuing to choose to be my friend. Love your forever fan and admirer
03.05.14 3
Zoom Full Monty, Sultan’s Court for Trini Revellers on this perfect Carnival Tuesday (at Port of Spain, TT)
03.04.14 51