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Zoom This has been the most productive month of my life and I decided to share with you how I did it on (at Just Keke, BET)
07.10.14 26
Zoom Pony boy. Hair/ makeup for @justkekebet today (at Just Keke)
07.10.14 8
Zoom This girl makes great TV Been a fan since @tmz happy to be a friend now that she’s @theinsider @mzgossipgirl  (at CBS Studios)
07.08.14 2
Zoom Genuinely grateful to work alongside the people that I have learned so much from @kevinfrazier and @theaandrews. I love talking about sexuality and our culture, proud to do so on @theinsider  (at CBS Studios)
07.08.14 1
Zoom On @theinsider tonight discussing why all abstinent teams are now knocked out of the World Cup. What’s the link between sex and athletic performance for you? Tonight at 7 :) (at CBS Studios)
07.07.14 1
Zoom BET Awards jewelry by the incredible @thinkreese
06.30.14 8
Zoom Had an amazing day working with @reed4hope talking about Loving Healthy. We had over 150 people tested for HIV. Myself included! (at BET Experience)
06.30.14 6
Zoom My first BET awards. Thanks to @reed4hope
06.30.14 1
Zoom A sensual transformation :). Makeup, styling and photography by moi for @margarita_roze
06.21.14 0
Zoom Sunrise or set?
06.20.14 4

Is virginity the new trend in Hollywood? Full video on (at

06.17.14 1
Zoom It’s going to be one helluva week. U w/ me? Http:// (at
06.16.14 8
Zoom I don’t even think I would be able to describe my dad and his influence me into words. My dad is just in everything I do, think, believe, hope for. He is my common sense and greater good - my Sheppard in every sense of the word. I love you @briboo55 and I am so so proud to tell anyone I come across how uncompromisingly true that is. You really are and always will be my hero, happy Compedre day
06.15.14 4
Zoom To my brother and the father of my co-owned children (aka niece and nephew) today I celebrate you for not just bringing in but bringing up the most treasured gifts I’ve ever known. If I ever do have kids I pray I choose a father with your strength and compassion. Happy Father’s Day C-More
06.15.14 3
Zoom VIRGINS!!! I’m talking about you tonight :). Are people waiting longer or less time to have sex? You guess then let’s discuss tonight on @theinsider at 7pm (at CBS Studios)
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